I haven’t spent tremendous amounts of time in Hollywood (even after having lived in the greater Los Angeles area for nearly two years). We were at Grauman’s Chinese theater for a major Microsoft Xbox announcement; I was lucky enough to walk through the doors minutes before they were closed to those on the waiting list. While there, I bumped into a new friend (digitally, through a small round of phone email tag). He asked if I wanted to be interviewed after the event. “Certainly,” was my response. And so, I happened to be on CNN the other day. It was nothing longer than a couple of seconds without name attribution, but a little exposure was much more exciting than none at all. We went from that Hollywood landmark to downtown Los Angeles, which was all the way “across town.” Took a while to get down there, given that we didn’t have a navigation system. LA is just incredibly huge. I still remember flying over it at night for the first time back in 1999 (it seemed to go on and on forever). You might remember Ponzi and I lived in Woodland Hills (the Valley) before moving to Seattle. That’s what kept me from spending a lot of time in Hollywood – the distance.

We even got “Lost” Angeles on our way back to the hotel in Century City on Thursday afternoon. I don’t know how we managed it, but we found ourselves floating on the edge of Los Feliz – having driven north out of downtown instead of west. My internal compass has been all messed up here. There’s something everywhere! So many restaurants, so many shops, so many people – so many cultures. But I didn’t tell you the best part about coming back to Los Angeles: meeting up with friends. Bob, Lockergnome’s intrepid editor, lives here! Oh, and before I forget – I gotta tell you that I was accosted on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Someone remembered me from that blooper video, and asked if he could take a photo with me. That was… weird. In all our time in LA, we didn’t once see the Hollywood sign (though I’m sure we drove by it over a dozen times). Spent part of today in Pasadena, eating lunch with Wil Wheaton (who is as much of a sushi fan as I am). The week is winding down, and we’ll be flying home from the Burbank airport on Sunday. See you next time, LA!

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