Since we spend so much of our time looking into the design aspect of things, I thought it might be just as interesting to look into the people behind the scenes…

Welcome to the first of what I’m calling “Celebrity Interviews,” where some of the big names in the web design blogosphere have courteously agreed to answer questions about their editors of choice. First up: Roger Johansson.

Roger Johansson is a web professional with a passion for web standards, accessibility, and usability. He spends his days developing websites at the Swedish web consultancy NetRelations, and his evenings and weekends writing articles for his personal sites 456 Berea Street and Kaffesnobben.

When he is not stuck in front of a computer, Roger can often be found either at an espresso bar or in the wilderness, fishing.

1. What OS/platform do you primarily develop in?

Mac OS X, always the latest version (currently 10.4.6).
2. What’s your (X)HTML editor of choice for coding websites?

Used to be BBEdit, but I have recently started using TextMate….. Source: HTML Editor Reviews

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