One of the great things about personal computing these days is that the standard hard drives that are being built into manufactured PC’s are growing in storage capacity exponentially. Prices keep coming down, and storage keeps expanding. Having too much space is a nice problem to deal with, but it’s not usually the case on the Internet. Most beginning Web users aren’t going to want to deal with purchasing space on a Web server in order to store and share their media and personal files. Don’t get stuck being forced into paying money for a generous amount of storage when you can simply go to Streamload MediaMax to receive 25G of free storage.

The hot thing about this service is that instead of just giving you storage space that only you can personally access, they also allow you to host and share your multimedia and documents with anyone that you wish. Since these files are stored securely online, you can access them from wherever you may be, provided you have an Internet connection. If you aren’t regularly backing up your important files, then I would strongly encourage you to get yourself a free account and start doing so. With that much space, you’ll have room to spare for whatever else you want to keep stored away.

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