From Lockergnomie William A. Ford comes this bit of feedback regarding the infamous Do Not Call list. Are you on it, too? I swear, it doesn’t work. I still get calls from telemarketers all the time. ALL THE TIME. Okay, anyway – here’s William:

Before I completely moved our family over to Cell Phones only and dropped our landline about two years ago, I was actually able to get solicitation calls knocked down to maybe one per week. And, I’m disabled and have been at home all day every day for the past seven years (IIRC, it was within the second year that I started doing these things to stop the solicitations.). How did I do this? Glad y’all asked.

Most of this info I got from JunkBusters. The first thing most people do is answer the phone RIGHT AWAY. Don’t! Most solicitations these days are being dialed by a computer and that computer is usually dialing several phone numbers at the same time. Guess who gets the call? Right, the first person to answer her/his phone.

The computer also keeps track of phone numbers that are answered and aren’t answered right away. By allowing the phone to ring at least four times before answering, I was able to virtually eliminate solicitations altogether. Try this and I’ll bet that every time it’s a solicitation, you’ll get a click and dial tone when you wait four rings before you pick it up. This by itself can cut down on many calls, but it takes several months before results are seen from doing this. However, please believe me when I say this really works.

The second thing most people do is tell a solicitor to remove their name and number from the company’s calling list: Wrong! They’ll be more than happy to remove your name from their current calling list since they’ve already called you, but when they purchase a new calling list next month, guess what? Your name and number is right there and they’ll call you again.

What needs to be done is to tell the solicitor to ADD your name and number to the company’s Do Not Contact List, a list that they must keep for the next ten years. Lastly, you can also tell the company to inform the companies that they do business with to add your name to their Do Not Contact List. Most companies will comply, but not all will. Regardless, if even only half of them do, this will also help greatly in reducing solicitation calls. I have a few links that may interest you listed on my web site, one on stopping solicitations.

That reminds me of the time… oh, hang on. Someone’s calling me.

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