Most new computer users aren’t willing to sacrifice the time and energy that is required to use and understand a new application that is to be added to their daily routine. This has continued to be a roadblock for RSS newcomers, and since they still can’t understand the format, then there’s definitely a problem with getting them to feel comfortable with an aggregator. With that said, one thing that almost everyone loves to have access to is their e-mail. By using Squeet Publisher, you can have RSS fed to you through the familiar delivery mechanism known as electronic mail.

This option almost completely eliminates the barrier to entry that is a prelude to RSS adoption. Content publishers can use this service to create a simple invitation for readers to subscribe to their information stream through e-mail, and Squeet Publisher offers comprehensive feed statistics so you’ll know how this delivery option is being adopted by your audience. Readers love this idea because it gives them full control over what they read, there’s no software to install, and the content comes directly through their beloved e-mail client. Receiving something in your Inbox that isn’t spam… what a novel concept!

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