Are mobile phones destined to become what PCs were supposed to be in rural parts of the world?

I believe that most of the western world will continue to see strong PC growth as the years pass us by. But then we have the regions of the world where owning a PC is just about impossible. For people in this situation, it really comes down to a matter of needing to communicate vs choosing the most cost effective way to connect to the Internet. Putting all of that aside though, I have found it fascinating how many of us share one common bond – the need to express oneself.

Regardless of how we do it, human beings have a need to share ideas, announce concerns and even new ways of thinking about a particular subject. And what was once impossible has now become rather commonplace thanks to the advances in mobile technology. Personally, I think this rocks. At no other time has the world ever been so connected. And even with the conflicts that all of us face as a planet, a region or even as a country (each in our own countries of course), today’s technology allows us to stay informed collectively and express ourselves whenever we like.

I should note however, that there are parts of the world where you can be locked up for doing exactly what I described above. And even with the threat of imminent danger, there are brave men and women who choose to express themselves regardless. Talk about courage!

So next time you find yourself writing an email or even placing a cell phone call to a friend, consider all of those people out there who are just now discovering the wonders of what we so quickly take for granted. This goes for the ability to email someone from just about anywhere as well as the freedom to express ourselves however we wish…

Have a spectacular weekend!

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