Buy Now! One of the keys to building a long and lasting career is establishing your personal brand in the eyes of your employers, colleagues and industry peers. How do these people see you in relation to the work you do? If you had to provide an elevator pitch to sell someone on who you are and what you do, what would that pitch be. Is your brand strong enough to keep your job from being sent offshore? Do your employers look at you as just another cog in the machine or as an asset to the company they can’t live without. Author Rajesh Setty examines the idea of building a peronal brand through his latest ebook, Personal Branding for Technology Professionals, including strategies for making yourself an invaluable part of the workplace no matter what high tech field has your focus. If your industry is one of the many looking at outsourcing and offshoring to solve staffing and payroll issues, this is one book you should devour immediately. [ Available in PDF Format for $0.00 / Download ]