In my last posting, Stuck in the Middle Again, I detailed problems I was having getting some new BlackBerries set up with Enterprise Activation. I’m proud to report that nagging the reseller and wireless provider did pay off. All three of my client’s T-Mobile BlackBerry 8700gs are now set up to synch with their hosted Exchange 2003 mailboxes.

I find nagging to be a necessary evil these days. I like to avoid it whenever possible, but there are too many times I’ve had to nag to get some person or entity to deliver something. Still, I try to be professional about it, as I’m not one to burn bridges. And I’m not too proud to admit I’ve had to be nagged myself to complete something (no, I’m not talking about in my home life). It’s a fact of life these days that even the most professional and conscientious person can fall behind.

I’m still working with this business client on “Phase II” of their network infrastructure. This will be pretty intense, as it involves a converged T1 offering (Voice+Data), an Avaya PBX, and voice and data wiring. No – I’m not the actual “doer” of these things, but I’m the de facto project manager, having to coordinate the efforts by the various resellers and service providers.

The end result will, I hope, be kind of a showcase of small business office technology. I’ll update everybody as we make progress on the next round of installations.

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