Stu Kopelman sent me the thoughts that he had after reading the recent review of Talkr. I must say that I agree with his observations. Do we know our personal limits, or are we quite literally working ourselves to death?

It is a good thing that each of us has an opinion. It is a good thing we can disagree and be given the opportunity to. I believe we face a grave future as fast-paced multitaskers. We are overly stressed out because time management has no meaning any longer. We have no time to manage. When computers were first made available to the workforce, workers were promised that they would do our work in half the time. This was pretty much a true statement. Did employers ever tell their employees to go home after a half day completing a whole day’s assignment? No! Now the same worker must do twice his normal work output because the computer has made it possible. As each new technological advancement is made to cut down time costs, the effects of this are also passed down to the already stressed out worker who must be given the names of his family he has forgotten.

Life is no longer something to enjoy, but a competitive rat race that must yield a bigger dollar faster in order to pay the bills. Meanwhile, the remains of the family are now complete with isolated individuals who do not any longer know how to communicate intimately their feelings and desires because they cannot look over their shoulders long enough to see the upthrown dust that has covered their tracks. Fact is, we have no history anymore; it is being replaced too quickly with the next event. People are falling dead from cultural trauma and cultural shock because the sun comes and goes before we have had a chance to drink a cup of coffee or read the morning paper. When will it stop? It will not stop because it cannot stop unless we jump out of the revolving hurricane of events that pick up everything in its deadly path.

Words and phrases like “get a life,” or “chill out,” or “mellow out,” are not randomly invented; they have relevant meaning today. Worse, I do not believe that the human machine was designed to be overworked. “Wires” in our brains have been randomly altered to produce modified machines that accelerate past their endurance level and the heartbeat of society is so fast that it has taken on a deadly heart attack of its own.

So, I say chill out before we get burned out.