PopCap Games, the leading developer and publisher of casual games, today announced the Web/PC launch of Hammer Heads, a wild new action game suitable for all ages. Hammer Heads challenges players to smash feisty little gnomes back into the ground as quickly as possible while picking up bonuses and power-ups for your hammer. With three different game modes and dozens of levels to complete, Hammer Heads tests your reflexes as well as exercising your funny bone in a battle of nerves over gnomes! Hammer Heads has a retail price of $19.95 and is available for free Web play and deluxe download at popcap.com and other leading game portals, including RealArcade.com, MSN’s Game Zone and Yahoo! Games.

“Hammer Heads is one of those games you have to play to appreciate; at first glance it seems loony and somewhat simplistic, but once you start smashing those gnomes, it’s awfully hard to stop,” said Jason Kapalka, Chief Creative Officer at PopCap. “The game play and input controls are ridiculously straightforward in most ways, but there are plenty of twists and surprises that will keep even the inveterate gnome-o-phobe challenged. One of the most viscerally satisfying games you’ll ever play at the local carnival or amusement park is the ‘whack-a-mole’ style game, and Hammer Heads brings those same sensations to the casual gaming audience in a fun, compulsively rewarding form. While the game requires quick thinking and clicking, it’s also oddly relaxing and fulfilling, like many of our titles.”

Hammer Heads was developed by Nuclide Games, the group behind other PopCap titles such as RocketMania and Pixelus. “We enjoyed working with PopCap on our other titles, since no other publisher in the casual game space brings the same level of polish and attention to detail to its titles as PopCap,” says Luc Van den Borre, CEO of Nuclide Games. “Once again, the collaboration between PopCap and Nuclide Games has borne fruit – we’re very excited with Hammer Heads and expect it to be extremely well received.” Like the other Nuclide Games titles, Hammer Heads was developed using the PopCap Developer Framework, available for free at developer.popcap.com.

Hammer Heads is an action oriented gnome-smashing fiesta in which players strive to keep the gnome population under control by pounding them into the ground as quickly as possible. Bash ’em fast while keeping an eye out for special gnomes, prizes and power-ups! Explore three different game modes as you earn trophies and upgrade your gnome-bashing hammer along the way. Suitable for everyone age 7 to 107, Hammer Heads will test your reflexes while providing laughs, surprises and fun with every whack of your hammer. Key features of Hammer Heads include:

  • Three different game modes: Classic Bash, Marathon or Tough Cookie!
  • A wide variety of gnome types, each with its own style, attitude and special powers; battle Stumpy Gnomes, Wacky Gnomes, Flippy Gnomes and more!
  • Numerous power-ups and special effects; bash hearts, coins, cupids, strawberries and other bonuses!
  • Upgrade your gnome hammer at the Shiny Store!
  • Bop to the upbeat musical score and wacky sound effects!
  • Win over 20 Achievement Trophies!

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