Lately it feels like Samsung and Matsushita have been neck in neck for plasma display panel dominance. And while Samsung has made a good comeback, it will be interesting to see if they can maintain it for any amount of time…

Samsung SDI aims to become the PDP (plasma display panel) market leader again in 2007 after losing the crown to Matsushita Electric in the fourth quarter of 2005, according to Chris Kim, vice president of sales and marketing for the Korean panel maker.

Kim said his company was the leader in the PDP market for overall shipments in 2005, but it began losing ground to Matsushita in the fourth quarter due to a slower decision to expand PDP capacity.

Samsung SDI is expected to rank second in PDP shipments in 2006, but it will become the market leader again next year after its new US$730 million PDP plant comes on line in May 2007, Kim said.

The new plant, the fourth for Samsung SDI, will have a monthly capacity of 250,000 42-inch equivalent PDPs, and will help boost the company’s annual PDP capacity to 7.32 million units in 2007 from 4.32 million units in 2006, Kim said.

He revealed Samsung SDI has plans to build a fifth PDP plant, which will need an investment of about the same as that for the fourth plant. But he said the company has not yet scheduled a date for mass production at the fifth plant.

Kim said the PDP TV market has strong potential for growth. Of the 18.9 million units of 40-inch-and-larger digital TV shipments in 2006, PDP and LCD TVs will account for 10.1 million and 4.8 million units, he said. Source: DigiTimes

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