Today has proven interesting. Not just because I finally decided to drop satellite for digital cable TV. No, rather because of what I discovered today from someone who works for Comcast. It looks like we are going to be seeing yet another speed increase in the world of cable Internet.

How fast? Try a jump from my current 8mb to an amazing 16mb download rate! Yes folks, those rumors that have been circulating around have turned out to be true. And for those of us in this part of the state, we are looking at an increase that is apparently designed to counter Verizon’s efforts in the fiber realm.

I learned that Comcast feels they are in a stronger position than companies looking at running with fiber connections. You know the really weird part? I actually agree with them! It’s true that Comcast has not always been on my “white list”. Still, the fact remains that they have an infrastructure in place that Verizon has yet to even approach. Not only is fiber still very much in its infancy, it is also rather difficult to put into place from the point of view of the installer. And while a top speed of 30mb does sound attractive, I am just not sure that my home town will be down for this. Who knows, this may change. Think I am nuts? Email me and tell me about it.

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