Well I have definitely been busy lately. And this month, it goes beyond the usual. With the approach of this year’s Gnomedex event just around the corner, I finally decided that I had better get on the stick so I am not rushed at the last minute.

First on the agenda will be figuring out exactly how I will getting myself down to Seattle? After much thought, I figured it might be fun to just take the train! It’s a million times less stressful than driving and it sure beats any other alternatives. Once there I can get a cab to take me where I need to go, so I’m not too worried about it.

For those who have not had an opportunity to attend before, I should disclose that if you decide to appear this year, you might want to hurry up. From what I understand the tickets are almost sold out – just like last year.

Unlike last year however, Chris and Ponzi have opted to break all the rules for tech conferences once again. This year, we’ll be able to participate in honest to goodness discussion groups, rather than being “presented to” by someone standing on a stage. Yup, each attendee will have a chance to be heard on issues that matter to them the most.

Speaking for myself, I am going to make a concerted effort to ask Make Magazine’s PT if he has any thoughts on a home-rolled GPS solution for my car. Not saying I’m cheap, but I wouldn’t mind a project like this if such a thing can be done in the first place. Oh alright, I realize that I probably don’t have the time to “Make” such a contraption per se, but I am sure the conversation leading up to the possibility would be a blast nonetheless.

No matter who I end up speaking with or where my travels throughout the event bring me, I am definitely looking forward to it and sincerely hope to see some of you in Seattle this year!

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