Any Net Op or Sys Op worth their salt has Nmap in their arsenal of tools. Nmap is a very powerful network tool that’s been around for a good long time with its roots in UNIX. My first time using it was on a Sun SPARC 20 running SunOS more than a decade ago. (Ouch, did I just date myself?) While not the prettiest thing on earth, it may just be the most powerful.

But what if you don’t need all the power of Nmap and you don’t feel like compiling it to run on the Mac? Then the good folks at 10base-t (we’ve already told you about their excellent DropCopy application — we’re beginning to fall in love with these guys) has something just for you. It’s called IP Scanner. Ya, not as sexy (in a geek sense) as Nmap, but to the point no doubt.

IP Scanner is a shareware software that will scan your network in one quick sweep. It will look for various devices on your network, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac hosts. It will also find routers, switches, and printers. If IP Scanner is unsure what it found, it’ll announce that in the table view and allow you to double click the name to see more details about it. One device on our network looked like it was a router but we couldn’t figure out where this additional router we didn’t know about came from. Well the details page shed some light for us when we saw that the Manufacturer was Sonos. Ya, it was our ZP100. We also identified our NAS by this method, too. Very nice.

What we did miss, however, was our Airport. It didn’t show up. It was plugged into our Sonos ZP100 and we don’t know if that had something to do with it, but it was on the same sub-net, so it should have found it. Maybe the Sonos hides it, though we did the scan from our MacBook Pro which was attached to the AirPort, so you’d think it would have seen it being it was the actual device that was getting us on the network. 🙂

If you’re a person in need of a quick and easy network scanner to just see what’s on the network, IP Scanner is a great tool to have. For $25, even the curious could grab this and get a deal out of it. As an added bonus, 10base-t throws in IP Broadcaster which not only announces who you are with some more detail (for IP Scanner and like software) but also adds a menu item that reveals either your LAN or WAN address. Oh ya, you also get some daemon action, too (Net Ops will love this.) Good times.

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