Like guerilla librarians defending the free flow of information across all borders, the Canadian creators of a particular software designed to bypass governmental censorship mean business! Nestor E. Arellano of ITWorld Canada writes:

The arms race over Internet censorship is escalating.

A new weapon is being developed to help dissidents gain free access to the Web.

A team of Toronto-based “hacktivists” – hackers with a commitment to social responsibility – is beta-testing software that can circumvent Internet censorship by repressive governments.

Dubbed Psiphon, the software enables a third-party computer to act as a proxy that allows Internet users to access banned content.

Psiphon was developed by the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto’s (U of T) Munk Centre for International Studies. Described as a “hothouse that brings together social scientists, filmmakers, computer scientists, activists, and artists,” the Citizen Lab explores hypermedia technologies and grassroots social movements, civic activism, and democratic change within an emerging planetary polity

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