If you love toons, including diabolically evil toons, you should leave now. If blasting cartoons puts you in an uncomfortable moral dilemma then today’s game isn’t for you. On the other hand if you have no qualms about bringing down brightly colored demon drawings and cartoon oddities, you’ll enjoy playing Toon Crisis.

Wielding a Sony Walkman and an effective finger gun you’re charged with defending yourself from an onslaught of toon attackers. These characters may not be stopped with a single hit so be sure that the one you’re shooting at is dead before turning your attention to another. As you defeat each wave of toons you’ll make your way to a different street or alleyway where you’ll meet more groups of devil drawings. Or you may find yourself face to face with larger, more insidious characters.

The crazy cartoon graphics are what we found most entertaining about this game. The game-play would be easy to learn, but if you’re using a computer, you’ve probably already mastered pointing and clicking. Which is the only real skill required in whack-a-mole type games. You might want to save yourself from the obnoxiously long load times of the cut-scenes by turning them off. All you’re going to miss is a long wait to take a short walk. And if you don’t like music that resembles polka you can thankfully also turn that off too.

Don’t forget to hit the space bar to duck. It’s not helpful but it’s still worth it.

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