Finding freebies often takes some digging. If you frequent the Microsoft Office Online Web page, you may already know that there is some free Office training available. Although these short courses aren’t designed to teach you everything you need to know about an Office application, they do show you how you can use the various applications to boost your Office productivity.

You can find a few of these courses by selecting the Training link on the Microsoft Office Online home page. Under the Browse Training Courses heading, you can then select the specific Office application that you want to view available courses for. Each course varies in length but is typically anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes long and consists of any of the following components, depending on the topic:

  • Self-paced lessons
  • Practice sessions for hand-on experience
  • Short test (the test is not scored)
  • Quick reference card

So if you ever find yourself with some spare time during the day, why not take one of these free courses and learn how to get more out of your Office applications.

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