The marketplace that eBay has developed has revolutionized what people think about when it comes to buying and selling. Being able to purchase or sell something directly to another person has several advantages, and one of the primary ones is that you can save a lot of money by going that route. Once corporations step into the picture and demand exorbitant commissions, then the waters begin to get muddy. The business of stock photography has been known to be an expensive one. After all, does anyone really want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars just to use one photo? I know I don’t, and I can’t afford it, so I’m left to look into other alternatives, such as Fotolia.

Thankfully, the alternatives are just as attractive, if not more attractive. Fotolia has a collection of free photos each day, but the prices for the more exclusive content are almost just as reasonable. For example, prices start at only $1US, and the quality of what you get is nothing to laugh at. In fact, most of the photos look just as good as any of the ones that you would purchase through the major stock photography suppliers. They’re able to keep the prices down because you’re purchasing the rights to use this photographic work from the photographer. If you have stock photography of your own that you’d like to sell, then you can do so, and you’ll earn money each time that a photo is sold. Whether you want to sell your photos as royalty-free, or with an exclusive buyout license, you can do so, and if your work is good, you may be able to make some decent pocket change from your efforts.

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