One of the biggest hassles in extending the life of your computer is figuring out which parts you need and what’s supported in your system. GoldenRAM has been supplying computer upgrades since 1988, dealing with the frustrations of people buying the wrong parts or getting bad recommendations from supposed professionals. To address this issue, GoldenRAM created UpgradeDetect, an online tool that analyzes your system to determine what’s currently there and which parts are upgradeable. In our own tests on six different laptop and desktop systems, it provided solid info on what upgrades are available for each system. We spoke with the company founder about UpgradeDetect, how it works and why the free tool is both good for people who need new computer parts and for GoldenRAM’s ability to provide accurate customer service. Listen to the interview!

Windows expert Ed Bott joins us to discuss what’s right and wrong with Windows Vista. I’m very vocal about my concerns with Windows Vista, detailing two lists of improvements I want before the final product ships. Ed is equally vocal in pointing out where he thinks I may be going overboard. Agree or disagree with what Ed and I have to say, but make sure you post your own criticisms in hopes of making the next seven years of Windows a little better than the lifespan of Windows XP – hopefully Microsoft can use the feedback to make future computing better. Listen in to find out where these two passionate power users differ and where they might find a little common ground. Hear it here!

If you work in an environment where your Internet access is restricted, live in a country that dictates which Websites you can visit, or attend a school that controls Internet Access, you might have a use for the solutions provided by Peacefire. Originally founded with the idea of assisting U.S. citizens under the age of eighteen in the debate over free speech in the Internet, Peacefire has evolved into a solution for anyone who has their Internet experience inhibited by censorware. In this segment, Chris talks with Peacefire founder, Bennett Haselton, about teen rights and the Internet, mathematicians, suing spammers, and how to socially engineer Internet dating sites. Hear Bennett Haselton in MP3 Format.

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