Today I will be continuing the discussion from yesterday regarding my adventures migrating my system from my old hard drive to SATA.

As you may remember, the whole “migration thing” was simply not going to work out for me. So it was at the point that I finally accepted defeat and chose to simply install the SATA drive itself.

As I researched the fastest way to get the machine up and running, I discovered that I was going to need to create a DDO (Dynamic Disk Overlay) for my new hard drive. What killed me was that they were asking me to do so with a floppy drive. Uh, this is great. It’s so 90’s of them to even ask people to do this in order to use new hard drive technology. After grumbling for a bit, I located an ISO file instead. This way I could re-join the 21st century and use a bootable CD like normal people.

Setting up the DDO was a snap, Seagate did a good job there. But it strikes me as funny when a hobbyist decides to go out and upgrade their hard drive, only to find themselves having to hunt down the stupid file to create the DDO in the first place! It’s beyond absurd that Seagate is not bundling their drives with the DDO software, in my opinion. I’m not asking for a pre-install mind you, just the disk itself so that I am not having to deal with it later on.

OK, now for the thing that tends to throw people off in a hurry – the BIOS. When you look at the BIOS on a “SATA ready” ASUS board, you are likely to discover that your SATA hard drive is coming up under the following: Third or Fourth IDE Master. Apparently this is ASUS logic at work here. Regardless, it’s considered normal.

Once all was said and done and I had the DDO ready to roll, installing a clean copy of Windows was a snap. Windows found it as the C drive and life was good. I think that the biggest lesson learned here is to make sure that you keep those extra drives outside of the PC case as external back-up(s). Unless you are setting up a RAID array, there is no reason to get creative with your hard drives by adding more than one to your system. But that is just my opinion.