Is this the next version of OS X code named Leopard? Notice Internet Explorer there in the background? Note the scroll bar isn’t that of OS X’s Aqua but rather the block-like version of Windows. Also note the Boot Camp icon in the menu bar. One more notation, the Windows version is stated in the About window. Mmm, very interesting.

Now as many have pointed out, this could just be a really good Photoshop job. IE could actually be the WINE IE project that some have been able to successfully get running and the About screen an easy Photoshop hack. But if this is legit, think of what this all means! This could make sales records for Apple like it hasn’t seen since the original Macintosh 128k. Heck, maybe even since the Apple II!

My question really isn’t if this is fake or not, but if Apple does support virtualization for Windows, will Active X be supported? If so, this could allow many Web sites to be displayed on a Mac that usually cannot be due to the Active X requirement. QuickBooks online, for example, would no longer require a Boot Camp dual-boot or a start up of Parallel’s desktop. That would be nice! And even better, if you get zapped with spyware, who cares? Just your Windows apps are infected – just burn the Windows install and do a fresh one! Your Mac will be safe the whole time!

Anyway, we only have a little more than a month before WWDC, which is where Apple will show off Leopard. All eyes will be focused on Steve Jobs when he sits down at the brand new Mac Pro to see if a little IE icon appears on the Dock. How sweet that day will be!

[Via MacVista]

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