Arvind at sent me this email today, asking that I check out its online presentation tool. I have some other irons in the fire and will be unable to play with it for a while, so for now I’m publishing his letter (slightly edited), and you folks can take a look for yourselves.

Disclaimer: I have no connection with Zoho beyond an interest in its online productivity suite and high regard for its excellent service.

Hi Bill,

How are you?

At Zoho, we have come up with the last piece of the Web Office jigsaw – a presentation tool over the Web. Zoho Show combines the functionalities of a desktop presentation tool with that of a desktop sharing one. It makes it easy to create and make your presentations (as slide shows) with just a Web browser and an Internet connection.

Zoho has become the first AJAX-based Office suite online. A summary of what you can do with the Zoho applications is below:

Zoho Show

  • Create your presentations online.
  • Import your presentations from MS PowerPoint and OpenOffice.
  • Invite people by email and control your presentations remotely.
  • Pull public images from your Flickr account into your presentation.
  • Upload images from your desktop.
  • Publish your presentations and have others view it.
  • Drag-and-drop text and components within a slide, and between slides.
  • Duplicate slides easily.

Zoho Writer

  • Create, edit, and manage all your documents online.
  • Access your documents from anywhere using just a browser.
  • Import doc, html, sxw, and txt files into Zoho Writer.
  • Export your Zoho Writer documents to .doc, pdf, and .sxw formats.
  • Email .doc and .html docs to your Zoho Writer account.
  • Email your Zoho Writer docs as .html, .pdf, .doc, and .sxw formats.
  • Post to your Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, and TypePad blogs from within Zoho Writer.
  • Spell-check your documents and check your word/character count.
  • Create templates for easy duplication.
  • Have multiple versions of a document online; easily see the difference between any two versions.
  • Have Zoho Writer module embedded in your Pageflakes/Google home pages.
  • Organize your docs with the ‘tags as folders’ concept.

Zoho Sheet

  • Create and manage your spreadsheets online.
  • Import any Excel spreadsheet and use it online.
  • Export your Zoho Sheet as Excel / OpenOffice Calc / csv / pdf / html.
  • Use any Excel style functions (SUM, AVG, IF, etc.). For autosum alone, we have provided a quick button on the toolbar. For the rest of the functions you can type in the formula. Note: All formulas start with an = sign.
  • Format and decorate your cells with font styles, colors, cell wrap, and different alignments.
  • Copy and paste from external sources (Excel, Web page, etc.).
  • Copy and paste within the Zoho Sheet. Formulas will be copied relatively. Very useful when you want to apply same formula for multiple cells.
  • Apply dollar currency or percentage formatting to your numbers.
  • Create graphs / charts to analyze your data.
  • Print preview your sheets before printing.
  • Auto save your sheets every minute.
  • Tag your Zoho sheets. You can tag and find your (and other public) spreadsheets with ease.
  • Share your Zoho sheets with your friends for collaborating on a spreadsheet and control their access levels.
  • Publish your Zoho sheet as public for anyone to find it and use it.
  • RSS feeds for public sheets and sheets with specific tags.
  • Clone public sheets to your account.
  • View and import Excel spreadsheets present on remote servers online through URL APIs.

Check out Zoho Show. Your feedback will be much appreciated.

Coming soon – single sign-on for the Zoho suite of Web applications.

With warm regards,

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