Once you have received your BlackBerry device, you need to contact your administrator or IT department for your wireless activation password. The password is set using the BlackBerry Manager and communicated to you using a secure method such as the telephone or email.

You should know that for security purposes, the activation password becomes invalid after five unsuccessful activation attempts. The activation password is also only valid for 48 hours. If not used within this timeframe, the password will automatically expire.

The next step is to launch the enterprise activation program on the BlackBerry device. From the home screen, click Options. From the list of options, locate and click Enterprise Activation. Beside the Email field type in your email address (such as [email protected]). Next to the Password field type in the activation password provided to you by the administrator.

Once you have the password typed in, click once. A menu will appear from where you can click the Activate option. A status screen will appear indicating the status of the activation process.

An activation request is sent from your handheld to your email account containing routing information and the handheld’s activation public keys. An email response is generated by the BES containing routing information and the server’s public keys. The handheld and BES establish a master encryption key. At this point you should see an Encryption verified message on the status screen as the activation process continues.

A Waiting for services message will appear on the status screen as the appropriate service books are sent to the handheld. Once complete, the BES will send the following data to your handheld device:

  • Inbox
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Notes

At this point, the activation process should be complete and you will be able to send and receive email, among other tasks, from your BlackBerry.

If your BlackBerry or BES does not support wireless activation you must activate your handheld from your computer using the BlackBerry Desktop Software. You can obtain the latest BlackBerry Desktop Software from the BlackBerry support Web site using the steps listed below. Keep in mind that in order to set up your BlackBerry device using this method, Microsoft Outlook must be installed and you must know the name of your Exchange profile.

  1. Navigate to the Web site listed above.
  2. Under Downloads, select Service Packs.
  3. Choose BlackBerry Desktop Software and click Select.
  4. Click Download Software.
  5. Fill in the required information and click Next.
  6. Click I Agree.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Click Download.
  9. Click Save and select a location for the software.
  10. Click Save.

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