The Live 8 and Post Katrina phenomenons were wonderful displays of Hollywoodism. Take Brad Pitt, for example. This ageless wonder stands on a stage and tells us why it would be a good idea to donate our money to a cause. Why don’t he and his Beverly Hills pals donate their next movie paycheck entirely to a cause, instead? Why doesn’t Madonna donate a year’s worth of profits to something worthwhile? Why don’t professional athletes donate a season to charity? Are they really going to miss their salary from 2006 when it’s part of a colossal ten-year contract plus signing bonus? Did the “Friends” do charity shows when they were each pulling in $1 million per episode?

We think not.

But I should pick up the phone and donate my $25 along with five million other Americans so then we can creep towards some inane goal and ultimately not reach it? Why do you have to stand there and waste time trying to nickel and dime the common people with your celebrity status when in reality your measly contributions to the cause are a small fraction of your disposable income? The math is simple… collect $10 from 1 million people out there… obviously a daunting task that demands some sort of hard sale in the form of some Hollywoodite standing there and acting compassionate by reading off of cue cards. Or you can collect $1 million from ten different multi-millionaires. For Brad Pitt, $1 million would be the equivalent of pocket lint or breakfast table donut crumbs for someone of my stature. Not to take everything out on Brad, the poor guy, it’s just that his pretty face and compassionate imagery along with that wack-assed bleach blonde hair that he had for a while made such an impression on us.

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