The last step you need to complete is to configure the software so you are able to send and receive email messages and perform other tasks. Begin by opening the Desktop Manager. Click Start | Programs | BlackBerry | Desktop Manager. The first time the software starts, you will be prompted for credentials. Enter in the appropriate information and click OK.

Next you will need to generate encryption keys. Double click on Redirector Settings. From the Security tab, select Generate keys automatically and then click on the Generate button. Follow the onscreen instructions and click OK once the status has changed to Generated.

You can now synchronize your emails, calendar, and so on with your BlackBerry. Once again open the Desktop Manager. This time double click on Intellisync and click the Configure PIM button. From the Intellisync dialog box, you can select which Exchange options you want to synchronize with your device. When prompted to select a translator, select Microsoft Outlook 97/98/2000/XP/2003 for Address Book, Memopad, and Tasks. Change the translator for the Calendar to BlackBerry Wireless Sync. Click OK and select the Synchronize Now button (make sure your BlackBerry is in the cradle and turned on. Once the synchronization is complete, you should be able to send and receive email from your BlackBerry device.

As you can see, setting up a BlackBerry device to send and receive email is not a difficult task if you have some understanding of the steps that need to be completed. This can help to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

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