Did you realize that I offered everybody here the chance to receive $100 yesterday? Yeah, it was at the very end of the report on Drinking Birds – go ahead, I’ll give you a chance to check your archives and you’ll see that I’m serious. The first person to email me was the “winner,” and that’s all it took for him to get $100 (we’re still working out the PayPal details at this point). Could’ve been you. Keep your eye out for more of those kinds of Easter Eggs. I did the same thing on the TagJag “about” page, as well as in my monthly column for CPU Magazine. So, you never know when I’m going to seed random gift offers. And I’m not just talking about our Deals site, either – that’s a horse of a completely different coupon.

The Web is a wonderful place to spend, make, and save money – all at the same time. Where’s your favorite place to go? Amazon doesn’t count.

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