Thirty two cores, eh? Now that is some hard-core action if I have ever heard about it, let me tell ya! Intel has set the bar pretty high, can they deliver?

Chicago (IL) and Westlake Village (CA) – Five years ago, Intel envisioned processors running at 20 GHz by the end of this decade. Today we know that the future will look different. CPUs will sacrifice clock speed over core count: Intel’s first “many core” CPU, will run at only two thirds of the clock speed of today’s fastest Xeon CPU – but achieve 15x the performance, thanks to 32 cores.

“Dual-core” is a term Intel never really warmed up to. In fact, two cores per processor is just the first step on a ladder of increasing core counts that, as we believe today, will lead the microprocessor industry into another period of growth. Instead of promoting “dual-core”, Intel typically talks about “multi-core” – a term the company internally refers to as project “Kevet” – and explains the press and analysts that “many-cores” – processors that potentially could hold “dozens of cores” – will be available sometime in the future….. Source: TG Daily