With the news of Firefox 2.0 coming out I simply have one very serious question – what has been done about that stupid URL caching feature that most users believe to be a memory leak?

Of course I use a system that makes this pretty easy to deal with, however it does present a serious concern for those who are wanting to try the Firefox browser for the first time. Consider what this would be like for a less than computer literate loved one wanting to try the Firefox browser based on your recommendation?

Well based on some of my frustrations, I have been looking more and more seriously at the Netscape Browser. While I am not doing review of it here, I will say that you need to seriously look at this as a great alternative to Firefox when considering those who just aren’t feeling the “Firefox Love Magic” any longer. Seriously, I was blown away.

But then we have our old friend Opera. The long suffering Opera Browser is still working hard to win over users and have even gone so far as to include bittorrent and amazing RSS support. And yet, I the UI was still all over the place – too Maxthon-like for me to take seriously. Give me a tabbed, no frills UI any day of the week.

Opera is great for those looking for a fast, powerful web browser with amazing abilities and features. However it’s just much for this simplistic power user. That and it still has some rendering issues with some pages that Firefox has managed to overcome already. Their banking related, so I can not share them with you. Sorry. :o)

What do you think? While I already know where IE users stand, I am interested in what Firefox users think about beginning to look into other web browsers. If you have a few minutes, send me your thoughts – I’m interested.

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