Playing with MacSabber has been so fun that we here at SvenOnTech lost all hope of being productive and went searching for more fun Sudden Motion Sensor (SMS) applications. Boy did we find some good stuff.

We found this great widget that turns your SMS Mac into a full out level. Now you’ll be able to tell if that table at Starbucks is truly leveled while surfing SvenOnTech. Carpenter’s Level Dashboard Widget is probably the most fun and honestly the most useful widget we have! (Ya, most of our widgets are games.)

Speaking of games, we found another SMS program that turns your Mac notebook into a full out game. Literally. Bubblegym is the first tilt-sensitive game for any notebook, ever. You use your PowerBook (yes, the old-skool notebook only) to move pieces of fruit around the screen and get it through the shrinking goal. Seems fun, but if you’re a MacBook or MacBook Pro user, you have to use your arrow keys and, aah, no fun. (We hope for an update soon!)

If you’re interested in other SMS applications, take a spin over to William Computer Blog. He has a great list of such programs, including the ones we’ve listed, for your enjoyment.