Silicon Valley has been the land of promise for an untold amount of companies and entrepreneurs who think they can make it in the tech world. Money flows like wine from a vineyard in that area, and it almost seems like you can get funded by accident. I envision a family taking an innocent vacation to California and then coming back home with a first round of financing in the amount of $5M for their company, AllWeWantedToDoWasTakeAVacation Enterprises. Hey, it could happen. There are probably VC’s reading this right now who are anxious to get on-board. When you don’t live in that environment, it can be hard to understand what really goes on over there. With Link Silicon Valley, you’ll be able to find out information on a number of the companies that call the valley home.

View Link Silicon Valley as a rolodex to the people who build and fund the technology of today and the future. Those of you that are in need of a kick-start to your business networking should utilize this resource for all that it’s worth. Do research on any company that you’d like (assuming that it’s in the database), and you’ll find contact addresses/numbers, management details, board member information, and so on. You’ll also get educated on who’s recently been funded, what mergers and acquisitions have taken place, and where certain individuals have transferred. Obvious Opportunity Alert: use this information for your own advantage.

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