For longer than I might care to admit, I have been finding myself having to email items back and forth in an effort to work collectively on a number of different projects.

I have access to a groupware server when needed, however I was simply not finding a lot of the sharing functionality that I was looking for. After scouring through what felt like an endless number of groupware applications, I came across one option that appeared to hold out more promise than anything else I’d seen thus far.

Enter the Box, that is. is an online storage service with their eye on the real prize – the user. The service offers you some pretty slick features and abilities that are likely to peak some interest out there in Lockergnome-land. Check this out: (Borrowed from their site)

Public sharing

  • lets you post photos, music clips, and files directly to your Blog
  • Group pictures in one location for easy sharing, viewing, and downloading
  • When shared, each file and folder is provided with a unique address
  • When you share files, there are no ads, popup windows, or pestering emails

Private sharing

  • Drag a file to your friend and they’ll have immediate access in their account
  • Easily prompt someone by email to become a friend or to create an account
  • Approving friends is easy, and you can remove them at any time

Go directly to their site for all of the details on sharing for Work Groups, Remote Access and Mobile Access…

Now there are two very cool features not highlighted above that feel ought to be. They are a new Firefox extension for sharing and the availability of RSS feeds for public sharing. I think that these are totally awesome, but I was a little disappointed as they lacked one feature I was looking for – a secure RSS feed for private and Workgroup sharing. Short of that, I think this is a great service and will begin exploring some uses for myself here pretty shortly.

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