Who’s your best friend? The majority of you would probably name another human being, but I would imagine that some of you might name a pet of yours. The relationships that begin to develop with our furry friends can become very deep, and they’re remembered long after the pet is gone. We wouldn’t just trust anyone to take care of these close companions, right? They deserve the best, and you can find no shortage of ways to spoil your pet. One of the most difficult things to figure out is what to do with your animals when you go out of town. Not only can kennels be expensive, but they’re also an uncomfortable place to leave your pet. Pawspot provides access to a community of fellow animal enthusiasts who can help you out.

Trusted contacts can be invited into your personal network, and when you need someone to pet sit for you, the word can be spread throughout the community. This isn’t just a give and take affair, either. Everyone is here to help, so if someone else needs some pet sitting assistance, then you can come to the rescue, too. This site is somewhat about the owners, but it’s mostly for the pets, and this is proved by the fact that you can create a profile for your animal and share glamour shots with other pet fanatics. Looking good, Mr. Drool Face. Good advice can be found in the forums, and suggestions regarding parks to visit with your buddy are also given.

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