After a resource is created it can be deleted, renamed, or moved to another group. Deleting a resource is a straight forward process. Simply select the appropriate group within the Cluster Administrator and click the Delete option from the File menu. If you think you may need to use the resource in the future, a better option is to take the resource offline instead of deleting it.

Resources can also be renamed once they have been created. Keep in mind that a resource must be taken offline before it can be renamed. To rename a resource, select the appropriate resource and click the Rename option from the File menu. You can then type in the new name and press Enter.

Resources can be moved between groups. Unlike when renaming a resource, it does not need to be taken offline to complete the process. To move a resource, select the appropriate resource and click the Change Group option from the File menu. A list of available groups will appear. You will be given a prompt to verify that the resource should be moved.

If the resource being moved has dependencies, a list of the dependencies and the resource itself will be displayed. You will again be prompted to verify your actions as all the dependencies will be moved along with the resource you selected.

The next installment of this article will describe the various parameters that can be configured from a resource’s properties window.

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