OK, so is installing Yahoo Internet link on Motorola phones. Um, why do I want this? There seems to be some delusion that we want easier access to more ‘crap’. I beg to differ.

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) – Motorola will pre-install Yahoo’s Internet search facility, e-mail and address book on its new mobile telephones from the first half of next year, the companies announced.

The multi-year deal would make ‘Yahoo Go for Mobile’ a standard feature on tens of millions of handheld devices Motorola markets in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, according to the companies.

“Together, Yahoo and Motorola are making it easier than ever before for consumers to seamlessly access their favorite web services, information and content across both their personal computer and mobile phone,” Yahoo senior vice president of Connected Life, Marco Boerries, said in a statement.

Illinois-based Motorola is the world’s second largest mobile telephone maker. Motorola and Sunnyvale, California-based Yahoo forged an alliance last year to bring Internet services to handheld devices. Source: AFP

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