Well, another weekend is upon us once again. And I face yet another weekend of wondering if my ISP’s DNS servers are going to fall flat on their face. It’s a pain, but what can I possibly do about it?

Chris Pirillo writes:

Open yourself to OpenDNS. They have configuration pages for your OS or hardware router. Both Scott Beale (LaughingSquid) and I have seen dramatic differences in speed since going through their DNS servers….

Oh wow, was he ever right. Finally, I can stop leaching off of a my emergency DNS server list and actually use something that is reportedly faster! And of course the only part of the previous statement most of you probably care about is whether or not it actually is faster. The short answer is yes.

OpenDNS is much faster than what I have been getting with my ISP, however people need to understand what they are looking for in the first place. For instance, if you are trying to connect to a poor server that is way overloaded, it is not going to help. Not to mention that there will be a number of websites in which you may see no difference at all. However I will tell you that for blogs and sites like MySpace, it makes a very noticeable speed difference.

So whats’ it going to be? Feel like taking the DNS challenge? All I ask is that you understand that this is a great alternative to ISP DNS servers and not some magic tool to make your connection faster. That said, it does offer some nice anti-phishing capabilities that almost feel like magic to the untrained eye…