In response to Winternals Is Assimilated, Gnomie Stu Kopelman writes:

Although I have never been one to quibble about someone else’s earnings, it would seem sad that what was once free might not be in the future – even though Microsoft is the richest business in the world and Bill Gates doesn’t even know what to do with his money except give it away. Not that he is not doing it for the best possible cause – the cause of humanity, but it seems that once more the very financially-limited, loyal Microsoft customers are the ones who will be most hard-pressed to enjoy the small luxury they possess presently… a few free utilities created by a few generous people. I do hope Microsoft will show the human element that is greater than for-profit, and do for its paying customers what it has given away to its non-paying customers.

It almost seems visible to the world that Microsoft relishes in the power it enjoys by tightening the clamp around those who love its products but who barely are able to put milk and bread on their dinner tables.

It is out of hard work and great kindness that Open Source has been thriving, and it is out of compassion for the hardships I mentioned that these geniuses have given so much of their expertise and time. I for one acknowledge their talent and dreams, and want to publicly thank them. That said, I hope that the already rich and famous will concentrate their efforts on need and not surplus, not giving out of their abundance, but out of true sacrifice.