I can usually be found documenting the latest and greatest Web sites in our Windows Fanatics channel, but I wanted to take some time out to focus on something that I know is going to be beneficial to the IT Professionals crowd.

A few months ago, I reviewed the services of a company called scanR. I was completely blown away by the simplistic way in which you could scan, copy, and fax with your camera phone or digital camera, and since that initial review, I’ve personally used the service on a number of occasions to exchange contracts and other documents back and forth. In fact, a couple of the people that I correspond with are beginning to prefer this method over any other. I’ve been a product evangelist for scanR for several weeks now, and people continue to be excited by the functionality that is offered.

As someone who is involved in IT, you probably need to draw diagrams or brainstorm on whiteboards from time to time, and one of the biggest problems with this method of documentation is that one swipe of an eraser can make all of that work disappear and become an afterthought. Instead of laboriously copying these things down on paper, you can digitally preserve them with scanR. All you have to do is take a picture of the whiteboard with your digital camera or camera phone, e-mail/MMS it to scanR, and in a minute or two, you’ll have an enhanced PDF version of the work sitting in your Inbox, and it’ll look better than what you did yourself. You can see a few examples here, and reading the fantastic personal recommendations from Margot and Chris Tirpak will likely do a lot to convince you that scanR is definitely something worth using on a regular basis.

Examples of whiteboard scans are great, but you may be more interested in seeing document and business card samples. You can’t help but be impressed by what you see, and once you give it a try, the usefulness becomes even more apparent.