Ponzi’s iPod locked up the other day. I told her to reset it – and she told me she couldn’t. “What?! Where’s the little hole that you stick a paper clip into…?” There isn’t one. Apple’s instituted a non-intuitive, user unfriendly process for resetting a malfunctioning iPod. What’s more, when we got home, I booted up my iMac only to see a floating animated folder icon in the middle of the screen – no other descriptive message to tell me what was wrong. Ugh. I’m venting, if only to introduce the thread of feedback Matt received after publishing a Apple MacBook Pro article other day:

Scott: First off, you say that not choosing a MacBook is lack of availability of applications. Which applications, specifically? In most cases there are solutions. Then you go on to say that you’re concerned about Apple not addressing the discoloration problem on the white MacBooks. Apple has identified a range of serial numbers that are affected by this problem and will fix them, provided that the system is under warranty. See this article for more details. I have never been denied a request for service on an in-warranty system. More importantly, the folks at the retail stores are extremely courteous and helpful. Increasingly, they are able to do some repairs right in the store and can usually have it back in 24 hours. There is no other major PC manufacturer that offers this kind of service that I’ve seen.

Dan Gray: I’m planning on getting a new white MacBook just as soon as my finances permit. I was worried about the discoloration problem, too… but I read somewhere that Apple has switched the type of plastic they’re using to fix the problem. (Now where’s that darn link?) I’ve been a very happy Apple owner over the years. Their support is much better than any other vendor I’ve ever used. Now all that having been said, I always wait at least a few months after Apple launches a new product line before I buy into it … gives them time to work out the kinks. Other folks can take the arrows in the forehead. 🙂 I’ve always wanted an IBM notebook, primarily for the excellent keyboards. But since they sold out to Lenovo, I’ve given up on them. Dunno if any of that helps, but before you make the plunge either way, it might not hurt to wander into an Apple store and ask the kind folks what the score is on the discoloration thing. Good luck no matter which way you go!

Brian McT: You’ve more or less defined overreacting. Every manufacturer has its share of ‘issues’ (incidentally, mostly third-party component-related). But survey after survey after survey shows that Apple produces the sturdiest hardware with the longest useable life, has the best customer service, holds its value best and now makes what are (in effect) the first truly universal personal computers which match or beat Dell on VFM and which doubled market share in the last quarter. Hello? This is all before you consider looks, usability, or which OS to run. But Macs give you the best options on those too. Lenovo makes class hardware, but the ‘reason’ you are disqualify a Mac is laughable. Please, do not get a Mac, do everyone else a favor, leave it on the shelf for someone with a brain to buy.

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