Conflicting opinions? Or instead, two people who share common goals that simply see two different paths leading to the same goal? Read the following and see what conclusion you come to…

Two great responses to: I Agree With Microsoft About Something? I’d Better Fetch The Advil…

Alan writes:

No, never, for one reason: They are retrofitting “action”
functionality (GUIs, interactivity) into a tool that was born and bred for “viewing” functionality (a web browser). It’s a HORRIBLE fit for the tool. Only with a brand new tool, as yet undreamt of by anyone, could this be useful.

Even then, it still poses the problem of having my data on SEB (Someone Else’s Box). For corporate intranets this is pretty useful, but for me as a home user, it is a 100% no-go.

Gress writes:

Matt –

I also agree with Ozzie on the importance of web-based apps: they will complement, not replace, local applications. While he looked at it strictly from a business opportunity, I think that people tend to outgrow this current popularity of always “keeping in touch” with everybody all the time. Instead, we find that it is important to gather a team for certain jobs, just as it is important to have a close-knit “team” to relate with in everyday affairs. But it is also important to be able to work on our own without constant feedback. This translates to local usage continuing to be the backbone of computing with the networked apps having a niche of their own.

OTOH, it may be just my age showing since I grew up in the age of rugged individualism and cannot relate to having to talk to someone else to find out how I feel about things. I also want to work with others so that we can augment our abilities, not relate to each other.

Your mileage may vary.

Interesting stuff…
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