My metabolism is about the same pace as that of a squirrel who just drank an entire bottle of Mountain Dew. Translation: it’s very quick. I eat like there’s no tomorrow, but I never seem to gain any weight, which is a frustrating thing for a guy who is 6’5″ tall. It’s not like I want to gain too much weight, but a little bit would be nice. I know my problem is unique compared to what many of you are facing. I may be trying to gain it, but you may be trying to lose it. I’m sure I’ll be at that point in the future, and when I get there, I’ll have to go through an entirely new set of efforts. As some of you know, losing weight isn’t always easy, so having access to the right resources is important. SparkPeople is an online community that aims to help you with your dieting dilemmas.

Instead of just containing general advice, the tools actually become tailored to your needs. Custom meal plans and exercise goals are available, and a collection of fellow dieters and weight loss experts are a part of SparkPeople in order to give you that extra push of encouragement that you need to keep going. Be sure to keep track of your progress online, and take notes about the experiences that you have. A few months later when you’ve slimmed down, you’ll be able to look back on your journey and be proud about what you’ve accomplished.

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