Google has long since embraced Open Source. But I am still not totally sure how comfortable I am with Google taking on the role of yet another SourceForge type of Web site.

In fairness however, it seems that in many respects SourceForge and Google are working together to “stick it to the big M” from the software perspective. To be honest, I can see how Google would embrace this kind of move. Google benefits as it can offer up its APIs and projects while pleasing the Open Source world by providing it with a means of discovery.

Now for the real question: Is Google actually hosting this software? In a number of instances, yes. “bnbot” offers an example of a great example and by allowing itself to be hosted by Google, software like it will undoubtedly raise questions as to how dangerous Google’s further involvement in Open Source software might be.

Yes, the license should protect us from allowing Google’s fingers from becoming too sticky. However, it certainly does not change some very obvious realities – Google is gunning for Microsoft. It’s not like before where it was just poking at it like a kid with a stick and an ant hill. This time, that same kid has shown up to the party with a backhoe and Microsoft’s ant hill had better be on full alert. “Queen Bee Ballmer” had better get the troops ready…