Do you blog? Well, I’m sure many of you do – and you’ve probably posted a few interesting nuggets of information there. Perhaps a personal project or set of step-by-step instructions? We’re gonna try something different with Lockergnome, if only on a limited basis…

Save time and money, increase productivity – Lockergnome is Doing It! This is a constant stream of “How to,” “Do it Yourself,” and “Hacks” – you’ll be “Getting Things Done” in no time at all! We’ll even help you publicise your own DIY / GTD projects – submit yours today!

Yes, you can start contributing directly to this blog right now! Want to get attention for something you’ve done? Got a DIY or GTD tip to share? You’re Doing It, too! We’ll promote your efforts soon after you submit them. First, you need to register free – then you can start posting draft entries for us to confirm and publish.

“Doing It” isn’t just about technology – we’ve got a few pre-defined categories and we’re ready to expand the list from: General, Home Improvement, Office Productivity, Health and Beauty, Arts and Crafts, Automotive, Lawn and Garden, Gadgets and Gizmos, Photography, Computingm Self Improvement, Social Hacking, as well as Money and Finance.

Feel free join and start contributing immediately!

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