NewsGator Technologies, Inc., the leading RSS platform company, today announced a new RSS plug-in for the Yahoo! Messenger with Voice real-time communications suite. NewsGator for Yahoo! Messenger with Voice allows users to access audio and video podcasts as well as other content from around the Web through an IM interface. Thousands of people have already downloaded the plug-in since its beta release last month.

Plug-ins offer consumers a way to further personalize IM and collaborate with their network of colleagues, family and friends. NewsGator for Yahoo! Messenger with Voice (referred to as “Podcasts & Buzz” on the Yahoo! Messenger Web site) allows users to check out the “Editor’s Choice” podcasts selected by NewsGator editors, or browse through podcasts and news content from different categories including entertainment, sports and technology. Users can also personalize their experience by creating a free NewsGator Online account to select and organize their own feeds, which are then delivered through their NewsGator IM plug-in.

“Integrating RSS capabilities into Yahoo! Messenger further demonstrates our market leadership and underscores our commitment to providing a great user experience on every platform – desktop, Web, Outlook, mobile, TV, and now IM,” said Greg Reinacker, CTO and founder of NewsGator. “Moving forward, we’ll continue to add support for more applications and devices, delivering relevant information, audio and video content to platforms selected by our users. This is all part of a concept we refer to as ‘NewsGator Everywhere.’ Wherever our users are and whatever device or application they are using, their chosen content will be available to them.”

The interface of the Podcasts and Buzz plug-in was designed in conjunction with Yahoo! to work within the common framework and user interface that instant messaging users are familiar with. With NewsGator and Yahoo! technology, users can sort content by audio, video, and text categories, open a slide-out video window that provides a rich viewing experience and sharing options, organize content by topic for easy customization, and collapse or expand content sections to preserve on-screen content visibility.

NewsGator’s Podcasts and Buzz plug-in for Yahoo! Messenger with Voice is currently available in beta at the Yahoo! Messenger plug-in download site, and the final version will be made available in the third quarter.

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