Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just pick up the phone or pop open a new email and get instant copywriting and marketing support from someone smart, web-savvy, capable, and whom you trusted?

Oh, but you have a Web Guy, right?

Your Web Guy is behind the scenes, doing amazingly detailed work to improve the functionality of your web site. Functionality ensures that everything’s in working order. Web forms that reach your inbox without a hitch. Seamless updates to make sure your links are all linked (ever click a link on someone else’s site that leads to nowhere? Gosh, that’s frustrating!). Image files that are easily loaded so your readers can view them with no problem. Glitch-free forum software for a positive interactive member experience. You’d be shocked if you knew the amount of time and effort your web designer puts in to keep your site in tip-top shape.

So what would you need a copywriter for?

You need a copywriter to drive the business.

People don’t just drop in to visit your web site from thin air. They find it by way of inbound links from other web sites, blogs, ezines and networks. Sure, your web guy could get you out there no problem… if he knew how to clone himself.

People don’t just find your sales page and click ORDER NOW. They need to feel comfortable with you first. An ezine (or email newsletter) takes care of the job… and also requires boatloads of planning, creativity, and coordination with the rest of your marketing.

Do you and your web guy really have time to devote the MINIMUM 20 hours a month that it takes to get your web marketing machine humming? Does your web guy know how to keep new prospects rolling in while maintaining relationships with the old ones?

If you’re NOT utilizing the assistance of a web-savvy copywriter, then you’re doing a serious disservice to your business. Without a copywriter or marketing expert, half the work is left undone. And that’s a huge chunk of profit that you just gave away to a competitor who branded his web site better than you did.

Here are 10 ways a Web-experienced copywriter can help you work SMARTER, not harder.

  1. Push your Web site further out with article submissions that brand your good name and reach a higher paying target market.
  2. Put all those unfinished marketing plans of yours into instant action that attracts positive attention and brings real results.
  3. Pull in new orders each month for your products and services with fresh, intelligent monthly ezine mailings.
  4. Build trust in your company by publishing high-quality information on your behalf.
  5. Brainstorm, create, and carry out promotions that serve as an extra incentive to buy from you.
  6. Craft highly persuasive copy that works to convert more sales for your latest e-book, telecourse, conference or other method of passive income.
  7. Help you expand your reach and influence by way of monthly press releases that drive interest and traffic.
  8. Put the finishing touch on your written communication to help you appear more professional and increase your credibility.
  9. Connect with your readers on a regular basis – for better customer relationships and more profit for the long-term.
  10. Combine great persuasive copy with search engine optimization… ensuring web content that keeps you on top of the Google hierarchy while attracting real humans who want to know you and buy what you sell!

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