So you are fed up with trying to get your own PC up and running with Linux. Perhaps another approach is in order? Maybe it’s time to buy one with Linux pre-installed and configured?

Just about two weeks ago, cyber_rigger, one of LXer’s active readers, announced he was putting together a list of computer vendors selling GNU/Linux pre-installed. The list also includes vendors selling computers without any operating system installed. This comes amid the discussions around the Windows Refund movement, and helps people who want to avoid paying for a Microsoft Windows license they know they will not use.

The Windows Refund movement began several years ago, and LXer editors and contributors have been discussing the difficulties involved in getting a refund for Windows licenses from major manufacturers, such as Dell, HP, and others. Although a few people have expressed recent successes, obtaining a refund for unused Windows licenses has been a long and frustrating experience for most. One alternative is to buy computers with GNU/Linux pre-installed, or with no operating system at all. Finding such vendors is not always easy, as some vendors seem to hide the fact that they pre-install GNU/Linux…. Source: