After my initial “opportunities” in trying to get Windows Vista to install on a separate partition on a second hard drive, I must say that I am more and more pleased with what I am seeing.

My first reaction when beginning to work with the new OS was one I had not experienced on a computer in a long time: terror! I was so comfortable with DOS, Windows 3.1, then Win98, ME and 98. Beginning with Windows 98, most of the basic GUI that one interacts with stayed pretty much the same. Once you discovered the new features and issues, you were pretty much ready to go.

When I first stared at Windows Vista, I was in a frozen state for a few moments. I had no idea where to go to find what I wanted, and for that matter I wasn’t even sure of what I wanted. Slowly but surely I have begun to customize the OS for my needs. There are some things in an OS that my brain is hardwired to use, such as the Windows Explorer. I prefer to arrange and rearrange my folders and files so that they suit my needs. I have been able to do this with Windows Vista to some extent. There is more work to be done here, but I think I have hit the top of the roller coaster climb with the largest learning curve, and I am now beginning to cruise through the twists and turns.

I am beginning to put the OS through its paces to find bugs and irritants to report to Microsoft and so far it has been very responsive. Not to say that it plans on implementing all of my thoughts, but it has been receptive and communicative – a real plus.

Right now, the biggest “loop-de-loops” tend to occur in the driver category. This is to be expected with a new OS and is a joint responsibility shared by MS and driver providers. In some cases I believe that drivers will not be written for Vista for old hardware. This is a perfect opportunity to get some of that hard cash we have been keeping in our pockets using the same card reader for the last three years. When it comes to some hardware I think this is probably a good idea, but there are some pieces of equipment that we like, are accustomed to, and perform the function we need. I would like to see a real effort made in providing well-functioning drivers for these items.

The journey continues and updates will appear in this space as I navigate more and more of the curves and dips of Windows Vista.

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