Information is everywhere, and whether it’s in your personal or business life, it needs to be created, organized, and shared effectively. This is no small task, and there’s nothing more overwhelming than a flood of content that requires your attention. Gathering and categorizing personal information is a process that you can move forward with on your own, but when it comes to matters involving business related items, you’ll likely need to combine your efforts with those of your co-workers, and that can be a hassle depending on the situation and the number of people involved. Rallypoint is a solution for those burdened with collaborative information overload.

This service takes the idea of your desktop word processor and an online wiki and mashes them up together to create an online service that is built for collaboration. You can easily create and share pages with your fellow team members, and different people can be assigned unique privileges (editor, viewer, subscriber). Your pages don’t have to be bland, either, because you can directly embed Flash, images, and other media into your creations. Standard documents such as Word and Excel files can also be attached to your pages, making it much easier to spread massive amounts of information without cluttering up the standard content.

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