An organization chart is useful when you want to show the relationship between objects in a hierarchy. Companies often use organization charts to show how they are structured. For example, the CEO may be at the top of the organization chart with the CIO underneath, followed by managers.

You can easily create an organization chart in Word 2002/2003. Word will insert all the necessary objects for you, so you do not have to create them manually. You can then customize the chart so it meets your specific requirements.

To create an organizational chart:

  • On the Drawing toolbar, click Insert Diagram or Organization Chart.
  • Click Organization Chart and click OK.

The chart will appear in your document and you can begin customizing it by completing any of the steps below.

  • To add text inside a shape, click the appropriate shape and type the text.
  • To add a new shape to the chart, click the drop down arrow on the Insert Shape button and select from one of the options: Coworker, Subordinate, or Assistant.
  • To change the layout of the chart, click the drop down arrow on the Layout button and choose the layout you want to use.
  • To change the style of the chart, click the Autoformat button on the Organization Chart toolbar and select the style you want to use. Click Apply.

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