It’s no secret that most programmers aren’t very good at design. In addition to writing, I also develop software, so I can personally vouch for that statement. The two groups think in totally different ways – one thinks technically, and the other thinks aesthetically. The day that you meet a programmer who also has a flair for design is a day that should be written down in the record books. You can tell when the design of an application was an afterthought by the development team. So many Web services have such an amazing presence that draws you into using the technology, while others look like someone just stepped in something nasty. Programmer Meet Designer is a a service that hooks the two different groups up together (sort of like a tech version of, because it’s obvious that one needs the other.

The site is essentially a bulletin board for people to post their availability. You can let others know what the required knowledge is, how the pricing will be split up, and what the deadline is for the project. Besides only being a haven for programmers and designers, Programmer Meet Designer would also be useful for entrepreneurs and writers who want to make connections with others, too. For some reason, I just visualize the two parties running up to each other and hugging and crying while “That’s What Friends Are For” plays in the background after they’ve made the business connection.

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