You don’t need to be an expert on technology to know that there are plenty of dangerous things on the Internet for children. If you’ve ever watched any one of the many horrifying news reports on Internet predators, then you’re already familiar with what could happen if your children aren’t supervised properly while they’re online. Talking to strangers on the Web is obviously a bad idea for children, but you shouldn’t think for a second that general Internet browsing is any better. Just because your kids may tend to solely reside at the PBS Kids Web site, it doesn’t mean that they can’t stumble across something shocking and inappropriate out of curiosity. Families need a safe place on the Internet, and that’s what Famster aims to provide.

This service allows each member of your family to become an active participant in an online community developed by and for your family. You can share photos, Web site finds, videos, and recipes with each other and other close friends. A family blog can be created, and a family tree offers you a chance to post detailed profiles of your family members. Those of you who are focused on getting your household organized will find the calendar, list, and address book functions to be especially useful. Famster is very generous, and they thereby offer gigabytes of storage for free for the multiple things that you’ll be posting. Oh, yeah – and if you need more space, just ask them. When’s the last time you publicly heard an online service say that?

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